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Hottest sectors in the Market that Use Solar Power

Latest News for Energy Efficiency, Solar, Wind, Biomass Power, Biofuels, Waste to Energy

The basic off-grid applications have not changed, though new products that fit within these applications and sub-applications are and will continue to be introduced.

Given below are the major market segments which are potentially utilizing the solar power to generate electricity for captive use:

In most of the above market segments, diesel displacement projects are the emerging area for solar. The Indian government is promoting the use of solar energy in place of diesel because about 70 per cent of the fuel is imported. About 15-20 per cent of India’s diesel requirements are used for captive power generation applications; this is where solar provides most promising solutions for industries, commercial building, water pumping applications etc.

Setting up solar based captive power is cost competitive but, when the life cycle cost is taken in to account, it is cheaper than diesel. A 100 KVA diesel genset system, running for less than five hours a day, can be potentially replaced by a 100 KW rooftop system, and the economics works out in such a way that the payback period is about 6 years. The factor like escalation rate of fuel prices, accelerated depreciation and loan tenure of 7 years has been considered in arriving at the payback period.


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