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 CO2 Opportunities Consulting


India, the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has embarked on a journey of massive decarbonization of its economy, with a Net Zero target by 2070.

The country’s decarbonization process will touch almost every economic, business and industrial activity.

While this calls for large-scale efforts and investments in decarbonization efforts, in parallel, it will also result in a large number of attractive business opportunities.

Helping your business benefit from these opportunities is the goal of CO3 Consulting, which stands for CO2 Opportunities Consulting.

Designed by EAI, a leading climate tech business and management consulting firm with over a decade of experience assisting Indian corporates, CO3 Consulting can enable you to quickly understand the attractive decarbonization opportunities relevant to your firm and help you chart out the implementation roadmap.

Check out EAI’s specialised opportunities consulting for the following sectors

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The Indian bio-economy sector offers many high-growth, profitable business opportunities

CO3 BIO is relevant for the following sectors

  • Cosmetics,toiletries & consumer products
  • Plastics,rubber & retail packaging
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture & forest related products


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The Indian e-mobility sector is growing at a tremendous pace along the value chain

CO3 EV is relevant for the following sectors

  • Automotive & auto components
  • Batteries & energy storage
  • Electrical/Electronic components and equipments
  • Engineering goods & machinery
  • Logistics & transportation
  • IT & digital


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Digital for Decarbonisation

Digital solutions are playing a critical role in almost every decarbonization avenue, resulting in tremendous new business opportunities for Indian IT & software firms.

CO3 D4D is relevant for the following sectors

  • AI
  • Big Data & Data Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud, IoT & mobile based apps
  • Digital twin
  • Robotics & automation
  • Simulation & AR/VR


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